Every Journey Needs a Visual Map

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Lauren Louise Barlow

3/14/20223 min read

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As a teacher I know that senior school students at times find their final years at school scary. The language around education and final exams can seem so defining.

Balancing study, assignments, exams, presentations, meetings, not to mention friendship dynamics, planning for the future is akin to embarking on a big and sustained journey. But that is exactly what it is, a journey, and every journey needs a map.

We've built a framework to help you navigate your way through, uniquely and confidently. Our method is (not a short course) to be your travel partner to lean on over a 6-12 month period. The journey is on.

The content in V12_Drawing Your Map doesn’t focus on any particular school subject, or even study skills for exams – what the program does is achieve a result, by addressing the journey itself. Watch the video to the right to see for yourself.


Creative Visual Strategies

12_Drawing Your Map introduces you to visual concepts and strategies that will help you reach your learning potential. At the heart of the concepts and strategies is the understanding that your imagination is a wild and highly capable place that needs nourishment and exercise, so we've made the course super creative and hands-on.

This program is all about you, the learner and the journey through the rigorous and demanding senior years of schooling in the lead up to your final exams. The content in this course doesn’t focus on any school subject or even study skills for exams – what the course does is help you arrive at your destination by addressing the journey itself - visually and artistically.

Wellness & Imagination

You can use your imagination to create or destroy and we have a bias toward negative thinking. This is more evident during stressful times such as your final years of school especially with the expectation you may have of yourself or even what your teachers and parents expect of you. This course has an entire section on wellness as your journey through. We'll address these concerns by looking into the mind, exploring the neuroscience and seeing how we're built. With this knowledge we learn to thrive with the challenges.

Concepts you'll work with

  • The different between imagination creativity and innovation and how to harness all 3

  • We explore the neuroscience of thought

  • We look at ambiguity, openness and curiosity

  • The Visual Mind is unpacked

  • You are introduced to the 4 Visual Capabilities of 21st Century Learning

  • Divergent and abstract thinking are addressed through the different visual and figurative language activities

  • We look at Learning Maps and Visual Maps as strategies for learning

  • And finally we investigate the limitations of seeing through the 7 See’s, Bias and Heuristics (this helps us develop imagination)