NSW Schools: Imagination vs Creativity vs Innovation

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Today, we live in a world of dizzying speed and increasing complexity. In order to prepare our children for an undefined, uncertain future we need a new approach.

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Reforming education is a global challenge and thankfully imagination and creativity are an integral part of the new mix.

V1_The Neuroscience of Imagination is a NESA accredited 2-hour program that provides the foundations for Teachers and Principals to understand the neuroscience of imagination and how it can be applied to every individual and classroom. This is an opportunity to nurture and develop your imaginative and creative potential as teachers and lead students in these core capabilities.

Imagination is a precursor to creativity. Building our imaginative capacities leads to creativity and ultimately innovative outcomes and equips students for the future.

Many of us don’t realise that most of what we see is based on our assumptions. Understanding this cognitive side of vision enables us to unlearn what we think we see and frees us to see new possibilities.

V1_The Neuroscience of Imagination lays the foundations for the V series by examining the visual processes determining what and how we see, opening a gateway to imagination and creativity.

Schools that are excited about nurturing creativity will get great value from this course

Professor David Alais, University of Sydney

V1_The Neuroscience of Imagination is part of a series of 4 NESA approved professional learning opportunities provided by imagineer.me – the first Imagination School in NSW.

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