logo newsletter-01 guides schools, universities, government, corporations, as well as individuals in Visual Literacy. delivers brand new pedagogy based on the latest research in creative and critical thinking. With a research Masters in Visual Art, Kelly-Ann Denton (Chief Visual Officer) has developed programs that connect individuals and organisations to their visual minds, working with the unconscious and using SimR® [Subsconscious Image Reinforcement]. The neuroscience is both underwritten and pioneered by Professor David Alais.

Kelly-Ann Denton – BVA Hons., MVA (Syd)

Kelly-Ann commenced a visual language and visual
culture practice in 1993. She has designed visual education and imagination programs for two decades and written curricula for universities, state and federal government, not-for-profit organisations and international corporations,
as well as individuals. The material has been consistently updated with new research related
to the visual mind and neuroplasticity and she leads in the field of visual literacy for adults.
Her expertise is founded on a comprehensive understanding of how we see, how we imagine and how we remember in order to make sense
of our environments and create realities.

David Alais – BA Hons., Dip Arts, PhD

David is a professor of experimental psychology
at the University of Sydney with twenty years’ experience in studying how the brain combines the senses into a vision of the external world. His particular interests are in understanding how the brain deals with ambiguity and gaps in knowledge when building its perception of the world.


Professor Alais spent a decade working overseas in the USA, France and Italy with world leaders in the field of perception and sensory neuroscience and heads an active multisensory research group in Sydney studying vision, touch and hearing.


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