About This Seminar

This session is excellent for teacher training as it empowers the teacher, and ultimately the students with tangible methods for encouraging imagination while keeping ideas simple.

This course teaches you how to synthesise information visually in order to retain more of the right information and communicate those ideas to others.

This program addresses:

  • The Neuroscience of Imagination
  • Visual Mapping
  • The Alpha State and Meditation
How long is the session? 3 hours
How many people in a group? 10 - 15
Can you hold multiple groups? Yes (From 1 Group to Entire Departments)
Who is this course for? Teachers & Workplaces

Generating and Linking Ideas

Visual thinking can help you discover links between your ideas, and even generate new ones.

When there is too much information inside your head, it can be incredibly difficult to focus. Being able to visually map and see your ideas means you can see the details as well as the big picture. You can then begin to bridge the gaps and connect ideas, as well as generate new ones.

Takeaways from this program

  • Comprehensive understanding of the difference between Imagination, Creativity and Innovation
  • Working innate knowledge of THE CREATIVE/IDEATION PROCESS
  • Visual Thinking Skills
  • Clarity of Ideas
  • Simplification of Ideas
  • Making thoughts visible
  • Visual Note-taking and synthesisation of information
  • Improved communication skills
  • Improved memory recall
  • Understanding of how the brain is designed to learn, and adapt learning to how the brain is hardwired.
  • You will be able to accomplish more, with less energy output, as you engage your whole brain in your activities
  • Innovation