NSW Education Standards Authority Completing V3_Visual Mapping - Making Thoughts Visible will contribute 3 hours of NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Registered PD addressing 6.2.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.


This course provides pedagogical strategies for using visuals for external communication and the internal synthesisation of processing/decoding information. Participants learn how the brain likes to see, sort, clump and find patterns in order to find meaning.

This course V3_Visual Mapping – Making Thoughts Visible takes participants through a practice of learning to visually command two main processes: One is to receive external information and synthesise it visually; the other function is to create visual communication so that others may “get a better picture” which aids comprehension.


  • Re-Vision of the visual system
    The visual system and its relationship to critical thinking.
  • What is Visual Thinking
    Looking at the expansion of ideas.
  • Big Picture vs Detailed Thinkers
    Putting seeing, sorting, clumping and pattern finding into practice.
  • Visual Mapping (External)
    Pedagogical strategies for using visuals in external communication. Verbal to visual.
  • Visual Mapping (Internal)
    Pedagogical strategies for using visuals as internal communication (synthesisation); visual to verbal.


Comprehensive understanding of:

    • Using internal information (thoughts/ideas) and translating them to visuals.
    • Verbal and non-verbal strategies to support student participation using a range of techniques from hand drawing visual maps to engaging with digital software to visualising information.
    • Practice targeted at making thoughts visible and utilising techniques to present information visually in order to increase student understanding and engagement.
    • Receiving verbal information and translating it into visual narrative (external to visual)
    • Synthesisation of information from an external source for comprehension and communication.
    • Comprehensive understanding of the difference between Imagination, Creativity and Innovation and how to work with all three.
    • Practical Strategies for Complex Problem Solving
    • Learning how to “re-imagine” a problem or possibility.
    • Visual Thinking Skills, Presentation Skills, Improved Communications.
    • Retention of Information
    • Clarity of Ideas
    • Simplification of Ideas
V3_Visual Mapping - Making Thoughts Visible
This course is taught at imagineer.me in Pyrmont but can also be taught at your school premises by appointment.

Contact +61 2 8006 8020 or email info@imagineer.me for more information.

Discounts apply to all courses run as an In-Service or In-School Workshop


Participants are provided with:

  • The Visual Mapping WorkBook
  • Strategies to take away and work on

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