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Completing V1 – V4 will contribute 2- 11 hours of NESA Registered PD addressing 3.5.2 and 6.2.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

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The V (visual)  series of courses are part of a cluster of imagination/visual learning disciplines that form a turning point in imagination training. V1 to V4 follow on from each other in order to build on skills as participants journey through the imagination learning process.

The follow-on programs designed by are deliberately structured to achieve best practice in creativity.  The V series of courses are foundations that should be developed over a period of time with incubation periods in-between.

It is desirable that 1-2 months are granted between modules in order to fully develop the presented skills innately. Imagine commencing V1 then, 2 months later taking on V2, then V3 and ultimately completing V4.  This pedagogical strategy compounds learning. The idea is not to know creativity but to be creative. will take on the responsibility of getting you there.

The V series are NESA accredited. Click on the links to qualify the award granted for Australian Professional Standards for Proficient Teachers.
V1 - The Neuroscience of Imagination - NESA Registered - Professional Development This course shows teachers how the visual system works in conjunction with imagination and the formation of new ideas. It forms a solid platform to explore other modalities of creative thinking. Learn More
V2 - Blind Thinking - Seeing The Blocks to Imagination - NESA Registered - Professional Development To be imaginative we need to see things in new ways. This is a visual process via visualisation (minds-eye) and related capabilities. This course illustrates the predictable blocks that inhibit imagination in order to move past them. This program plants the seeds for Critical Thinking. Learn More
V3 - Visual Mapping - Making Thoughts Visible - NESA Registered - Professional Development Visual note-taking/mapping is the most efficient way to encode information. Thinking in pictures and drawing relationships fuses knowledge and understanding. Vision is our dominant sense and we constantly create visual images in the brain that strengthen imagination skills. Learn More
V4 - The Creative / Ideation Process - NESA Registered - Professional Development This course is an innovative approach to learning about creativity, how to expand thoughts and ultimately how to move from imagination into creativity in order to see new possibilities. This program is about putting ideas into practice to achieve re- imagined outcomes. Learn More