To provide integrated educational programs that enhance the ability to use the imagination to your advantage; to teach communication skills, inform and support new thinking via visual literacy; to co-create a culture of creativity that enhances observational skills and creates a platform for expanded thinking; to set organisations, teams and individuals up to innovate.

How? Well, we know how the mind works and understand the art and science of imagination and how to harness it to stimulate and develop insight.

We are the link between verbal pitches and visual pictures

imagineer.me is a unique concept in staff training that takes an alternative approach to human potential. Our practical courses lead by creative example, developing new thinking and creating a more dynamic bond between members and departments. We work with the visual mind and the imagination.

Our imagineers [imagination engineers] are tertiary trained in visual art, communication and psychology. We know how to develop and culture the vision you have for your workplace and communities.

imagineer.me teaches your staff to open their eyes and minds.

Why visual?

Studies show that people remember: ​

• 10% of what they hear
• 20% of what they read
• 80% of what they see and do

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Visual thinking simplifies the formation of ideas,
making communication within departments more effective.

We’re about co-creating a culture that embraces uncertainty and uses it to develop new ways of thinking, seeing and acting. We want to co-create that environment with you.

Visual communication not only bridges geographic distances, it can span cultural references. Our programs teach your team how to listen, the difference between looking and seeing, and how to understand and be understood. We teach you how to re-train your brain to create desired futures.

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“A vision is not just a picture of what could be;
it is an appeal to our better selves,
a call to become something more.”

R. Moss Kanter

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