About This Course

Learn to use your visual mind to think more strategically in any given situation. Upwards of 75% of us are visual thinkers stuck in a linear sequential work ethos which limits our capacity to contribute to the workplace more fully. We need to be ambidextrous. Visual skills expand our capacity to use the whole brain; it simplifies communication, provides clarity and feeds the imagination.

How long is the session? 8 Hours (2 x 4 Hrs)
How many people in a group? 15-25
Can you hold multiple groups? Yes (From 1 Group to Entire Departments)
Who is this course for? Teachers & Workplaces

Course Structure

Week 1
Session: 4 hours group tutorial time

2 week incubation period to work on ideas

Week 2
Session: 4 hours group tutorial time

This program addresses:

  • The Neuroscience of Imagination
  • Imagination vs Creativity
  • How We See And Why We See It
  • The Visual System
  • Process Driven Brain vs Imaginative Brain Network.
  • Simplification Of Ideas
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Whole Brain Thinking
  • Define The Problem And Interpret The Results

Takeaways from this program

  • Comprehensive understanding of the difference between Imagination, Creativity and Innovation
  • Working innate knowledge of THE CREATIVE/ IDEATION PROCESS
  • Visual Thinking Skills: Presentation Skills, Improved Communications.
  • Retention of Information
  • Clarity of Ideas
  • Simplification of Ideas
  • Imaginative & Flexible Mindset
  • Innovation

A program where imagination and innovation become innate