About This Course

A Change Management program that allows individuals and departments to collaborate to re-imagine an upcoming change; e.g. – a merger, a workplace restructure or moving to a new location – A seachange so to speak.

How long is the session? 6 Hours (2 x 3 Hrs)
How many people in a group? 10-20
Can you hold multiple groups? Yes (From 1 Group to Entire Departments)
Who is this course for? Schools & Workplaces

Course Structure

Week 1
Session: 3 hours group tutorial time

2 week incubation period to work on ideas

Week 2
Session: 3 hours group tutorial time

This program addresses:

  • Imagination & Visualisation
  • How to observe scenarios from multiple positions
  • How to Visually Map new possibilities.
  • Imaginative Strategic Thinking

Takeaways from this program

  • Visual Thinking Skills
  • Clarity of Ideas
  • Simplification of Ideas
  • Flexible Mindset
  • Personal buy-in to Change
  • Innovation
  • Working innate knowledge of THE CREATIVE/IDEATION PROCESS
Clarity of Ideas

Not only will your ideas be better linked, but you will have a better idea of how the concept fits together. The visual and spatial parts of our brains are stimulated by the different pen marks, colours, shapes, and subconscious order in each visual map. You understand each concept more innately and from a different perspective.