About This Seminar

Have you ever had an intention to imagine something different or better for your art? Learn to use the visual mind to access, strengthen and grow its potential in order to create and transform yourself and your art practice.

Kelly-Ann Denton leads you through neuroscience, the visual mind, change (alchemy), visual mapping, metaphor, visualisations, meditation, psychology, curiosity and actually learning to see new connections, preparing you for a personal and transformative journey into your imagination.

Each week she presents brand-new skills that either generate imaginative processes or remove blocks, offering an invitation to explore and expand in unique and personal ways. Suitable both for those with an artistic practice or those just starting out, the course is open to all who are looking for an adventure of the creative mind. Learn to harness your imagination and apply it like an alchemist to transform your ideas from what they were to all they can become.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change

How long is the session? 24 Hours (8 x 3 Hours)
How many people in a group? 8 - 12
Who is this course for? Schools & Universities
Where is this course held? Run at The National Art School


Great course!

Thank-you so much Kelly-Ann. I will definitely remember you and what you have taught me

Great course, really well presented with fabulous energy

Knowledgeable teacher, with such warmth and non-judgement. More knowledge than just photography, life and psychology too! xo

Thank you so much for this experience